Capture and analyse valuable commuting data to benchmark your Scope 3 commuting emissions.

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Travel Survey

Understand how your team currently commutes to work. Monitor and track the success of your behavioural change initiatives, and develop a clear understanding of your team’s commuting sentiment.

Inform your travel policies/initiatives

Get a clear picture of how your staff travel to understand commuter behaviours and design initiatives that will encourage positive behaviour change.

Track modal shift pre/post Covid-19 and measure the impact of your sustainable travel initiatives.

Collect data on key commuter behaviours including modality, barriers to sustainable travel options, distance travelled, journey frequency and other key commuter attributes.

Use our built-in travel survey templates, or create your own custom surveys, to understand current employee travel habits. Capture your team’s sentiment towards commuting, as well as any changes they have made or plan to make to their journey.

Survey data is used to calculate your ACEL, allowing you to understand the full impact of your commuter emissions.

Travel surveys should be completed at least annually. By regularly repeating your survey you can measure the impact of behavioural change initiatives and examine seasonal variations in travel.

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I would recommend Mobilityways to all public bodies. It’s a level of insight we’ve not had before and it’s been worth its weight in gold.

Michael Simpson, Head of Sustainability Management, NHS Lanarkshire

ACEL© Rating

ACEL (Average Commuter Emissions Level) is the only standardised methodology for benchmarking and comparing commuter emissions.

Set targets

Set ambitious but achievable targets on your Zero Carbon Commuting journey.


Effectively benchmark your commuting CO2e to compare emissions to other sites or organisations.

Implement change

Identify opportunities to reduce commuter emissions and measure the impact of your interventions.

Measure your progress

Measure and track emissions over time to evaluate when sustainability targets have been met.

How is ACEL calculated?

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We discovered only 9% of employees could utilise public transport, and only 6% live within walking distance. Scoping gave us a toolbox which we can utilise to really maximise our travel policy and transport choices for our colleagues travelling to work.

Michael Johnson, Environment and Sustainability Lead, Cheshire Constabulary

Scoping Smart Mobility

Gain a 360º view of the real-world commuting options available to your team.

Scoping Smart Mobility uses employee postcodes to give detailed insight on what sustainable commute options are genuinely available to your workforce.

We analyse the real-world active travel, public transport and Liftshare options available to your team. The findings are compiled into interactive maps and a detailed report.

Understand what commute options are viable for your team

Forecast potential employee health and wellbeing benefits

Individual cost and efficiency savings of new travel options

Develop behavioural change initiatives built upon solid facts

Understand your potential environmental savings.

Business case to focus resource to improve on-site provisions

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A complete emissions reduction solution

The only software solution dedicated to decarbonising the commute, Mobilityways supports you to measure, reduce and report on your Scope 3 commuter emissions to contribute towards your net-zero goals.


Measure your commuter emissions & scope the potential for change

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